Glamour, Boudoir, and
Erotic Photography

Glamour, boudoir, and erotic photography are given a fresh and creative interpretation by Erotic Photo Studio.

What separates us from most other photographers in this area is not just that we make women look better, but also that we make the photos themselves look better. You can view our glamour samples, boudoir samples, or erotic samples to see to see this.

Some of our clients seek our boudoir photography services for personal use, such as a present for a husband or boyfriend. Sometimes women want a boudoir photographer to do glamourous photos for themselves, to feel good about themselves and their sexuality and attractiveness.

Other clients use the glamour and erotic photos we use for professional purposes, such as for model websites and portfolios or escort ads. They appreciate the allure we can project in our images. They rely on our expert digital retouching services to make them look

We can shoot  in the studio, or better yet, on location, inside or out. Some women like to shoot in hotel rooms, the pool, Jacuzzi, or shower. Sometimes they like to prepare a setting with props, like candles, in their own house or apartment.

Another option that is very popular is photo compositing. We shoot the model against a plain background and then add in interesting or exotic background and blend her into it. Many of the samples in our galleries have composited backgrounds.

Our retouching and other post-production services and special effects add the finishing touch to our images. Blemishes, wrinkles, stretch marks, and tattoos can be removed.

The body can be contoured to improve it’s shape. Breasts can be enlarged. Teeth can be whitened and fixed. Eyes can be opened. Roots can be fixed. Frizzies can be eliminated.  Whatever a client wants can be achieved affordably. We’ll make you look like a top model or film star.